Terms and conditions

1 – For all intents and purposes, Africa Camper Expedition, a legal entity, shall henceforth be referred to as the lessor, and the lessee shall henceforth be referred to as the client.

2 – The client shall use the rented vehicle in accordance with these stipulations and shall faithfully comply with the provisions regarding price, duration of the lease, insurance coverage, and other contractual clauses accepted and agreed upon by them, as indicated below.

3 – It is expressly stated herein that the vehicle subject to this lease is the exclusive property of the lessor, without the client acquiring any greater rights than those expressed in this contract.

4 – The client receives the said vehicle in good condition (regarding the bodywork, paint, and mechanical condition) and undertakes to return it in the same condition.

5 – Vehicle means not only the rented unit but also its tires, tools, accessories, additional equipment, and additional products; the client shall be responsible for its use, loss, or any damage caused.

6 – The vehicle shall only be driven by the client if they possess a valid driver’s license or by any driver authorized by the lessor in written form.

7 – The duration of this contract is mentioned therein, as well as the account for the rental of the vehicle in question, which must always be calculated on the basis of complete days and hours. The client undertakes to return the rented vehicle within the agreed-upon time to the lessor’s headquarters or, if authorized, to one of the branches. If the client fails to comply with this provision, the lessor will consider the vehicle stolen or unlawfully retained and reserves the right to recover it by any means available. The client must pay a daily rental amount until the vehicle is returned or recovered, and they shall assume all responsibilities established by this contract, as well as resort to police authorities and the court of law to establish all relevant actions for this purpose. The costs and expenses incurred by the client for the recovery of the vehicle amount to €200 or 130000F.CFA, and they shall be paid by the client. It is understood that the rental continues until the lessor receives the vehicle to their full satisfaction.

8 – In case of agreement, the client must leave a deposit (€2000) at the lessor’s office to guarantee payment for the rental, any excess time, and mileage, replacement of missing parts, or damage to the car or obligations they assume. This deposit must be left by check or any other means to fulfill this agreement. If the deposit is insufficient, the client is required to pay any balance when the vehicle is returned.

9 – The vehicle must be used exclusively for the transportation of the client and accompanying persons. The client and authorized drivers are required to:

a. Not allow anyone other than the person designated in this contract to drive the vehicle.
b. Not drive the vehicle without having a valid driver’s license, identification, or passport on board.
c. Not drive under the influence of alcohol or hallucinogenic drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, or similar substances.
d. Not use the vehicle for profit by transporting people or objects.
e. Adhere to local transit regulations, meaning that any fines for violations of these regulations will be paid by the client and charged to the rental.
f. Not drive the vehicle outside the country’s limits.
g. Not drive beyond the stipulated speed limits.
h. Not use the vehicle to tow any type of trailer unless they have written consent from the lessor.
i. Not overload the vehicle beyond its resistance or capacity.
j. Monitor oil and water levels as well as tire pressures.
k. Lock the vehicle whenever it is exited.
l. Not directly or indirectly participate in a car race, security, resistance, or speed tests.
m. In general, not use the vehicle in a manner different from that for which it was rented or travel on roads in poor conditions, beaches, rivers, or other places where it may suffer damage.
n. Pay fines for violations of traffic laws.

10 – If the client fails to comply with any provision of the above clause, they accept that insurance will not cover any liability for damages that the rented vehicle may suffer while being driven under these conditions, and the client will be responsible for all damages caused to the vehicle and other damages to third-party property.

11 – The client shall pay the lessor for the rental of the vehicle upon termination of this contract for the following:

a. Charge for the period of time they used the vehicle in days and hours.
b. All damages and mechanical repairs due to accidents caused by negligence or when the car was driven in unsuitable places, crossing rivers, beaches, etc., or in contravention of any clause of this contract.
c. Expenses incurred by the lessor, including legal fees in the collection of amounts due by the client under this contract.
d. Fines, penalties, and other expenses imposed on the vehicle while it was in the client’s possession.
e. Taxes or fees established by the government of Senegal or any other institution.
f. Coverage accepted by the client at the time of contract signing. The above does not absolve the client or the authorized driver of their direct liability for legal infractions of transit law committed during the vehicle’s operation, which must be paid along with taxes and other expenses that the government assigns to these infractions.
g. Payment for the loss of keys amounting to €100.
h. Payment for soiling of upholstery amounting to €500.
i. Payment for the loss of vehicle documents and registration plate amounting to €1000.
j. Payment for any additional service or product agreed upon with the client in the lease.
k. Payment for negligent violations by the client amounting to €50.
l. Payment for the loss of assistance kit amounting to €30.
m. Payment for the loss or damage to GPS amounting to €700.
n. Payment for the loss or damage to baby seat amounting to €300.
o. Payment for loss or damage to refrigerator amounting to €1000.
p. Payment for loss or damage to optional equipment up to €1000 (follow the damage list).
q. Payment for loss or damage to camping equipment up to €1900 (follow the damage list).

12 – The client expressly releases the lessor, its agents, and employees from any liability and claim for the loss or damage of their personal effects, or those of any other person left or transported in the rented vehicle.

13 – In case of accident or mechanical problems, the vehicle must be taken to a repair shop; the client is required to immediately inform the lessor before ordering the repair and notify the relevant authorities. If they fail to comply with the above, the lessor will retain the deposit until the damages to the vehicle or damages to third parties are satisfied.

14 – The client shall be responsible for damages to the vehicle while it is in their possession, as well as damages caused by persons traveling therein and to third-party property. The client’s liability for damages to the vehicle and passengers shall be the same as the maximum deductibles established in this contract according to the coverage accepted by the client; in case of damages to third parties, their liability shall be the same as the deductibles defined by the insurance company, as long as they have acted in good faith. Nevertheless, a provisional deposit for this purpose of €2000 or its equivalent in national currency is required.

15 – The lessor and the client agree

that in case of collision, overturning, damages, or injuries to third parties, the lessor may deduct the deposit amount or the corresponding deductibles, whether the client is responsible for the accident or not. The client shall be responsible and must pay for damages to the rented vehicle, whether total or partial loss, if, for any reason, the claim for damage does not meet the requirements agreed upon in this contract or if it is demonstrated that they acted negligently regarding what is stipulated in this contract, transit law, or if they violate any of the provisions set forth in clauses nine and twenty-three of this contract.

16 – If the car is stolen (partially or totally), the client shall be liable to pay the maximum deductible amount of €2000 or its equivalent in national currency if the complaint is made in judicial instances.

17 – The client, who signs this contract, undertakes to pay any amount due under this contract, and it is understood that the lessor may take legal action to collect any amount not covered.

18 – In case of controversy regarding the interpretation and compliance of this contract, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the national courts of Senegal, thus waiving other codes of laws and establishing their conventional domiciles at the addresses indicated in this contract.

19 – If the vehicle is rented by the client with fraud or false declarations and is used for illegal purposes, its use is considered without the lessor’s authorization, who shall have no liability for the actions and crimes for which it is used.

20 – The lessor has the right to terminate the rental contract at any time without any liability and to demand full payment of all fees when the vehicle is returned.

21 – No early return fees, and the total cost of the rental period will not be refunded.

22 – If the vehicle is kept longer than expected, daily stay fees of €200 will be covered, and €15 will be added for each day of rental that Africa Camper Expedition calculates based on the 24-hour rate periods. The rental rate will be calculated based on the agreed return date with the actual date of car return.