Discover the adventure at the heart of Senegal with the rental of off-road vehicles equipped for camping with rooftop tents and turn your outdoor holidays into an unforgettable experience. Explore the wonders of the country in complete freedom and comfort. Your perfect getaway starts HERE 👇🏽

Our rental campervan vehicles

Our off-road vehicles equipped for camping travel the roads of Senegal to offer travellers a unique experience. Our priority is to provide recent vehicles tailored to the needs of everyone.

The equipped 4×4 vehicles are suitable for exploring every corner of the Teranga country. On roads, tracks or off-road, you will enjoy all the comfort of our equipped vehicles.

Your adventure awaits !

Vehicle with a tent

2 or 3 people max

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Vehicle with two tents

3 or 5 people max

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About us

After spending our holidays exploring different countries in a campervan or and 4×4 with rooftop tents, we are delighted to provide you with this way of travelling through nature here in Senegal with our vehicles designed and equipped to ensure the success of your holidays.

The Africa Camper Expedition team puts all its energy and passion into providing you with unique experiences on the roads of Senegal.

The rental of off-road vehicles set up for outdoor camping, at the crossroads between vehicle rental, accommodation, and travel agency, is a complex service that our committed team strives to offer you, road trip after road trip.

Because your family vacations, couples’ getaways, friends adventures, or solo explorations in off-road vehicles in the great outdoors are (always) too rare to gamble with their success, we assure you of our professionalism and recognized expertise in off-road camping car rental in Senegal.

Of course, a successful road trip starts with renting a clean, recent, well-maintained vehicle that meets your needs in terms of comfort, space, or driving.

See you soon. Lénaïg and Grégory

Our rates are simple and transparent, they include :




Why choose us ?

  Our reliability 

Our rental cars in Senegal are recent and in excellent condition. They are designed to adapt to the country’s roads.

Comfort and safety

Outdoor adventure is even more enjoyable when experienced with all the necessary comfort. We provide you with complete and quality camping equipment so that you can enjoy your trip to Senegal with peace of mind.

Simplicity and transparency

All-inclusive for more simplicity

. Additional Drivers
. 24/7 assistance
. Free airport transfers
. Unlimited mileage
. All taxes.

Our advantages

We will take the time to give you all our tips and advice when picking up your rental car.

Frequently asked questions


What documents are required on the day of rental ?

For any reservation with Africa Camper Expedition, you will need to provide your passport, your driver’s license from your country (you do not need an international license), and a credit card. 

Where to park overnight ?

You can park your vehicle anywhere in Senegal. Wild camping is allowed and highly recommended to enjoy the freedom that this ways of transportation offers. Parking is mostly free along the coast or in the bush. You can also park in campsites for a low cost. Some campsites and bivouacs in Senegal are listed on the or Park4Night app.

 When and how to book ?

Reservations can be made directly on the website or by contacting us. A 20% deposit of the total amount is required when booking a vehicle. The remaining amount (80%) is to be paid on-site when picking up the rental vehicle. It can be paid by PayPal, Otange Money, Wave or in cash (€ euro or CFA franc). Due to high demand, we suggest booking as early as possible.

Is Senegal a safe country ?

Senegal is a country with a very low crime rate. To provide maximum security, Africa Camper Expedition has equipped its vehicles with closed storage for personal documents. The pickup is very common in Senegal, and you will blend in. Additionally, we offer the option to keep suitcases or valuable items in our offices.