3 apps for a successful trip

To properly prepare your trip in an equipped 4×4 in Senegal, we have listed essential applications for you. They will help you plan your trip and facilitate your movements.


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This app lists all the campgrounds and bivouacs in the country. Once downloaded, you can access it offline. It comes in the form of a Google Maps-type map. Thanks to its various icons, you can easily locate campsites, informal spots (public and private parking, etc.), and bivouacs in the wilderness. This application also allows you to find water points, gas stations, and much more.

This tool will help you easily find a place to park overnight without having to search beforehand. Wild camping spots have been added by travelers like you and are updated through comments (be sure to read the latest comments).

Google Maps

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You all know this app, but do you really know all its functions ? The advantage of Google Maps is that it allows you to download your route, so even if you disconnect from the internet, your progress remains displayed. Like Waze, you’ll use very little internet data, and the routes are relevant. Additionally, a link will allow you to switch directly from the ioverlander.com application to Google Maps. Nothing could be easier to find your ideal spot.




Park4night is a mobile app that allows travelers to find and share camper van, van, and camping locations worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a place to spend the night in the great outdoors, in a picturesque village, or in a convenient urban location, Park4night offers a multitude of options. Users can check reviews, photos, and information about sites, as well as share their own discoveries with the community. Whether you’re an adventurer seeking new places to explore or simply looking for a place to rest for the night, Park4night guides you to spots that suit your travel needs.



With its 3 links, you are ready for your adventure in rented 4x4s in Senegal. For more information, the Africa Camper Expedition team is available. Let the adventure begin !