Why Senegal is an affordable destination for travelers

When it comes to choosing a travel destination, the cost of living is often a determining factor. Senegal, with its rich culture, diverse landscapes, and legendary hospitality, offers a memorable travel experience at an affordable price. Discover why Senegal is an attractive destination for travelers seeking an enriching experience without breaking the bank.

Delicious food at reasonable prices

Senegalese cuisine is renowned for its diversity and richness of flavors. Traditional dishes such as thiéboudienne (fish rice), yassa (marinated chicken or fish), and mafé (meat or fish stew with peanut sauce) can be enjoyed at affordable prices in local restaurants or markets.

Affordable activities

Senegal offers a multitude of activities at accessible prices. Whether it’s a safari in national parks to observe wildlife, a visit to traditional villages to discover local culture, or a canoe trip in the bolongs, there are options for every budget.

Affordable shopping

Senegal’s colorful markets are filled with local handicrafts such as fabrics, jewelry, wooden sculptures, and traditional art objects at affordable prices. Bargaining is common practice, allowing travelers to purchase souvenirs at even more advantageous rates.

Friendly and relaxed atmosphere

In addition to being affordable, Senegal offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that allows travelers to feel comfortable and safe. Senegalese people are known for their legendary hospitality and zest for life, making the travel experience even more enriching.

Phone and internet

Talking about travel without mentioning the internet becomes almost impossible, if not unimaginable. Generally, the country has a good internet connection, perhaps a little less so in remote villages. If you have the Roaming or World option, you can use your internet packages in Senegal without any worries. This will depend on the rates and availability of the service with your French operator. Otherwise, you will find Wi-Fi internet in almost all restaurants, hotels, and cafes in the country. We offer optional 4G wifi modules to connect your phones or computers to stay in touch during your trip.

Accepted payment methods

The official currency of Senegal is the CFA Franc, which is used for all transactions in Senegalese territory. It is possible to pay by credit card in some shops, but cash is preferable. It is also very common to pay with Orange Money Senegal and Wave Senegal if you have previously created an account. 1€ = 655.957F CFA. The largest bill is 10,000F, which is approximately €15. There are also bills of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10,000F, and a few coins.

In conclusion, Senegal is an affordable travel destination that offers an authentic and enriching experience at all levels. Whether it’s to discover its rich culture, delicious cuisine, diverse landscapes, or to enjoy its warm atmosphere, Senegal promises unforgettable memories without straining your travel budget.

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